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Extra strength formula corrects and lightens uneven skin tones and hyperpigmentation. Inhibits new melanin formation for a smoother, more even-toned complexion.

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What it is:

A custom-compounded formulation of Hydroquinone 12%, vitamin E, lecithin, Allantoin and sunflower seed oil that lightens and brightens overall complexion while correcting uneven skin tone.

Solutions for:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Liver spot, sun spots & freckles
  • Skin discoloration

If you want to know more…

This concentrated hydroquinone-based formula fades hyperpigmentation, liver spots, freckles and other skin discoloration by prohibiting new melanin formation.

Oh, by the way…

Most effective when used with a daily skin care regimen that includes sun protection. A highly effective product to use before and after in-office dermatological procedures.

Sold only at clinic.

How to use: (same as above)

At night, apply to skin 30 minutes before bed so serum absorbs fully. When applying to face, avoid eyes and continue under jaw at least one inch. Avoid neck to avoid irritation.

Use every other night.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Use as directed by physician.

In the morning, make sure to moisturize and use sun protection and reapply every hour in the sun.

To block UVA & UVB rays, pair with beyond complexion’s Every Day Active Sport Protection SPF 65 or beyond complexion Matte Foundation Sunscreen SPF 60 reapply every hour in the sun.

For additional moisture – use beyond complexion Daily Facial Moisturizer before the SPF and before going to bed.


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